Business Analyst

Remote (US Based)


- Our Business Analysts are passionate about process improvement and innovation. We are looking for people that get excited when given the

opportunity to turn a broken and inefficient process into a finely tuned work of art that effortlessly accomplishes the end-state function it was designed to

accomplish. People that are energized by process optimization and feel that extra, unnecessary steps in the process are just the worst!  Yes, we are

bright, motivated individuals that are problem solvers who see RPA technology as the key to unlocking unprecedented amounts of efficiency for

our customers.  

- Our Business Analysts are born with a customer service heart. If you live to help others achieve their goals, then you’ve got the Alirrium spirit! You will

consult with our customers and review their current inventory of processes to assess which ones are top candidates for RPA. You will use process mapping

to ensure our customers fully understand their pre-RPA process, and how an automation will gain them real-world efficiencies.    

- Our Business Analysts know teamwork is essential to success. You will createa Process Definition Document (PDD), which captures everything Alirrium’s

software developers need to know about the business process to create a robotic co-worker for your customer. You will also team with your developer to

coordinate process architectures and test scenarios. Indeed, the relationship between you and your developer is essential to nailing the RPA

implementation and wowing our customers!  

- Our Business Analysts empower lasting results. After you’ve dropped off your robotic co-workers for their first day of work with your clients, you will want to

make sure they are set up for long-term success.  You will create and execute training for your customer and provide them with user manuals and

procedures for managing their digital workforce. You will also show your customers how to monitor robot performance to ensure intended return-on-

investment is met.  

- Our Business Analysts help unlock the full potential of our customers’ workforces.  Amazing things happen after robotic co-workers are hired:

people are free from the shackles of repetitive and uninspiring work!  We are passionate about helping our customers harness the newfound freedom and

energy their people gain from RPA.  As an Alirrium Business Analyst, you will team with our People Potential Consultants to help them better understand

your customer’s mission, core values, culture and processes.  Your consultant teammate, along with your development team, provide a holistic productivity

package to our customers: we optimize their repetitive processes with RPA, and help them maximize the newly found creative potential of their workforce.

Skills and Background:

- Bachelor’s degree, preferably in computer science, management information systems, accounting, or finance

- Background in Process Improvement highly desirable

- Process Improvement certifications highly desirable to include Certified Business Process Professional (CBPP), Business Process Management (BPM) and Lean Six Sigma certifications

- Enterprise Software experience highly desirable to include SAP ERP, Horizon , ERP, Oracle Taleo, etc.  

- Functional and/or technical experience working with Payroll and/or Benefits vendors highly desirable

- Must be analytical and detail-oriented yet, able to conceptualize end-state solutions

- Familiarity with technology architectures and concepts: cloud computing, web interfaces, relational databases, application integration

- Strong facilitation and organization skills

- Ability to work with a functionally diverse, and informed user base that demands high-quality applications

- Strong interpersonal skills

- Self-motivated and willing to work in an energetic, fast-paced team environment

- Must be able to work on multiple initiatives simultaneously and prioritize assignments to deliver quality work in a timely manner

- Strong English written and verbal communication skills; multilingual skills also a plus

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