RPA: Achieving Even Greater Efficiencies with CostPoint

Automating the "do more with less" approach for business and employees.

RPA: Achieving Even Greater Efficiencies with CostPoint

Most companies operate with a “do more with less” approach, putting a strain on employees trying to maintain the right work/life balance  The employee is continually pushed to get things done under all circumstances. This is a struggle that never seems to have an answer.

Where do we find the help, where do we find the relief, how are we going to manage our very precious work/life balance?    Well, the answer might not be with whom, but with what?  How about your very own digital co-worker. That’s right, an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Robot, or better known now as simply, a “Bot”!

An RPA Bot performs transactional activities in IT applications the same way a user would.  An RPA Bot does what its told, never says “no” to doing mundane tasks, never says “no” to working endless hours, loves to do the tasks nobody wants to do and best of all, never looks for a pat on the back for any of its efforts.

Anywhere you have repetitive, high volume and structured activities with limited variance, these tasks can be delegated to your digital co-worker.  And nowhere is this more evident than in the Finance and Human Resources (HR) departments.

To put this into perspective, let’s take what is perceived to be as a very simple, yet important, HR task of onboarding new hires.   The number of documents and forms that must be moved to spreadsheets and Human Resource Information System (HRIS) systems can be daunting.    Not only are HR personnel responsible for finding, training and developing these people, but they are generally stuck spending hours manually accumulating, checking and transferring endless data…..this is what we call “digital assembly-line work”.  

How do we get you off this digital assembly-line and back to more rewarding and value-added activities?  By leaving all the mundane paperwork to your new digital co-worker.  To illustrate this, watch this video for an example of on-boarding five new employees and processing their documents within Deltek Costpoint.

This article was initially published in Deltek Marketplace on April 10, 2020.