Focus On Building Your Tribe To Unlock The Skills And Talents Of Your People

Saturday, May 11, 2019

“My strategy was entirely based on culture with one main standard, and that was humility. First of all, humility allows you to avoid hiring arrogant asshole people in the company. And it keeps everything together. And we measure it. We have psychological safety as the main KPI of all the leaders. I wanted to build a company where people are happy to come to do their best,” says Dines. He further characterized his culture imperatives as: be humble, be bold, be in balance (you can work 24-hours continuously, but you can also follow it with a day off, for example), be fast. “The fastest company always wins. So, we've seen this. And to be fast you have to be able to be humble and fast to really work well together. Because in order to be fast you need to be able to create your own space. You need to be able to make fast decisions without the fear of losing face later in time because you made a mistake.”

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