RPA Services

RPA transforms the way we work.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is our singular obsession because of its ability to redefine the future of work.  By handing off repetitive, mundane and time-consuming tasks to the digital workforce, we free ourselves to focus on doing what humans do best: collaborate, brainstorm and build relationships.  These activities are uniquely human and drive organizations forward.  
Success or failure of any initiative, technology-based or otherwise, hinges on company culture and change management principles.  Backed by decades of experience leading our own companies with a culture-first strategy, we partner with you to ensure your workforce is ready to embrace their digital co-workers.  See our Human Accelerators page to learn more.
Embrace RPA and the digital workforce to Re-Imagine, Re-Purpose and Re-Engergize your organization.


Alirrium’s singular focus on RPA allows us to provide a full range of RPA services, from large-scale enterprise implementations, to automation of a few processes.  
All of our services leverage a proven process automation methodology to ensure your digital workforce operates as intended; and for our clients seeking digital transformation across an entire organization, we specialize in Robotic Operations Center (ROC) stand-up as the enabler of your enterprise RPA strategy.

RPA Services

Enterprise Lifecycle Implementation

We've got you covered from your first introduction to RPA to managing 1,000+ digital workers across the enterprise.

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RPA Strategy and Consulting

Start a new RPA journey with an initial strategy meeting or overcome cultural barriers to a successful implementation. Whatever your RPA challenges we have solutions.

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RPA Bots as a Service

Let Alirrium's digital workforce tackle your mundane and time-consuming work! 
Buy no RPA software and provide us with secure access to your work. We'll do the rest at a fraction of the cost of traditional labor.

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RPA Scaling Methodologies

Process Automation Methodology

All of our RPA services are backed by a proven and repeatable process automation methodology to ensure your digital workforce is fast, reliable and scalable.

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Robotic Operations Center (ROC) Methodology

After successfully automation 2-3 processes during the Pilot Phase, the creation of a Robotic Operations Center (ROC) is key to engaging your entire workforce in RPA projects

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Human Accelerators

Alirrium's Human Accelerators focuses on culture, leadership, and change management principles to ensure you and your organization get the most out of RPA, and each other.

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RPA tailored for your industry

RPA technology and Human Accelerators can be applied to all industries. See if your industry is a match.

UiPath is our chosen RPA Software package to work with Alirrium and its customers to take Robotic Process Automation to the next level. UiPath offers a complete software solution to automate back-office, repetitive tasks in just about any organization from the SMB to the global enterprise. Their software robots perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations. With more than 2,750 customers worldwide using their RPA platform and their commitment to the channel,  Alirrium has chosen to partner up with the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history. Together we can help you Re-Imagine, Re-Purpose and Re-Energize your organization too!