Your RPA journey

From initial introductions to managing hundreds of digital co-workers

Embracing and integrating a digital workforce across your enterprise truly is a journey.  We provide you with a deliberate four-step implementation framework that allows for rapid scaling after a brief introductory and small-scale pilot period.  This allows you to master the technology and make smart strategic decisions across the areas of automation development/deployment/sustainment, IT infrastructure, governance and security prior to committing to an enterprise-wide rollout.

RPA Introduction

1-2 Days*

Proof of Concept

1 Week*


6-12 Weeks*

Full Implementation

4-6 Months*

  • Get to know RPA and its full capabilities to determine if the technology is a good fit for your business
  • Learn more about Alirrium and our passion for technology that makes work more fulfilling and meaningful
  • Give RPA technology a test drive.  We’ll build a robot together based on one of your current business processes
  • Take delivery of your own custom video showcasing your demo robot in action. Share your video with co-workers to spark additional automation ideas
  • Build the initial business case around ROI and attainment of overarching business outcomes
  • Perform a process inventory and deep-dive to uncover great RPA candidates
  • Establish initial architecture
    infrastructure installed
  • Automate 2-3 processes in your operational environment
  • Create full documentation of the design/build/test process
  • Engage with Business, IT and Security stakeholders
  • Strategize initial deployment and governance plans to include use of Robotic Operations Center (ROC)
  • Full implementation go-/no-go decision
  • Create the Robotic Operations Center (ROC) to engage all employees in automation projects
  • Update of deployment and governance strategy based on Pilot outcome
  • Deploy RPA systematically across the enterprise or business unit(s)
  • Continual monitoring of performance and ROI metrics

*Implementation times may vary depending on the size and complexity of the project

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