A proven and repeatable seven-step approach to automating your processes

Starting with two to three processes during the pilot phase, and scaling upwards during full implementation, here’s a deeper dive into the systematic framework Alirrium uses to turn your current manual processes over to the digital workforce.  
Alirrum takes a unique approach to organizational optimization and performance based on our previous experience leading and managing companies.  We provide Robotic Process Automation implementation services to free your current workforce of mundane and time-consuming tasks.  RPA is a proven efficiency game-changer, no matter the industry. We provide a seven-step process to implementing RPA into any organization. No two companies are alike, so we tailor each step based on your needs.

Step 1
Process Consultation

Your team meets with us to review your current process inventory and determine which ones are the best candidates for robotic process automation. Great candidate processes have these characteristics:

  • Highly manual and repetitive
  • High volume of transactions
  • Mature and stable
  • Rule based
  • Standard readable electronic input
  • Low exception rates

Step 2
Process Deep Dive and Mapping

After we’ve selected the best candidates for automation during the Process Consultation, we use easy-to-follow process mapping techniques to document your current process, and the future state once you’ve deployed your robot co-workers.  During this phase we also discuss IT infrastructure and security; and we create test scenarios which we’ll run during the Robot Testing and Go Live phases to ensure performance requirements are met.

Step 3
Robot Development

It’s time to build your robot workforce! During this phase our developers use UiPath Studio to build your new and improved process and deployment architecture. We conduct our first round of internal tests during this phase and prepare the environment we’ll use to conduct your acceptance testing.  

Step 4
Robot Testing

During this phase we introduce you to your robots. We put them through rigorous pre-deployment testing to ensure they meet your performance requirements. We don’t move to the Go Live phase until you are comfortable with the performance and stability of your robot team.

Step 5
Go Live

It’s now time to introduce your robots to your company. We onboard your robots into the real-world process and closely monitor their performance.

Step 6
Training and Education

Your team is provided with all the training, procedures and user manuals they need to keep your robots working in tip-top shape. If you are building an in-house RPA Robotics Operations Center (ROC), it’s during this phase that you receive additional technical, business and infrastructure training

Step 7
Performance Monitoring

Your processes evolve over time and your robots will need to adapt as well. We partner with you long after the initial implementation to help build your in-house ROC capability, and to stop by for tune-ups and tweaks when you make a major process change or run into technical challenges.

UiPath is our chosen RPA Software package to work with Alirrium and its customers to take Robotic Process Automation to the next level. UiPath offers a complete software solution to automate back-office, repetitive tasks in just about any organization from the SMB to the global enterprise. Their software robots perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations. With more than 2,750 customers worldwide using their RPA platform and their commitment to the channel,  Alirrium has chosen to partner up with the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history. Together we can help you Re-Imagine, Re-Purpose and Re-Energize your organization too!