Use Alirrium’s digital workforce to tackle your mundane and time consuming work

Do you want to realize the benefits of RPA without making it a company-wide initiative?  Alirrium’s digital workforce can tackle your work on a process-by-process basis via our RPA Bots as a Service offering.
Our robots are less expensive, faster and more secure than traditional outsourcing models. You incur no software expenses and pay monthly based on the number of processes our bots accomplish for you.

Provide Alirrium’s robots with secure access to your work. Robot access credentials are encrypted and not known to any Alirrium employees.

Alirrium’s digital workforce tackles your work faster and more accurately than traditional labor and they are on the job 24/7.

Unshackled from time-consuming and repetitive work, your employees are free to focus on value-added activities that move your organization forward.

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