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Empowering the Human Element with Intelligent Automation

Re-Imagine | Re-Purpose | Re-Engergize

Alirrium is built on the idea of optimizing work processes by automating monotonous tasks and redirecting your workforce’s skills and time toward creative tasks.

It’s time to realign work by giving bots monotonous tasks and freeing up your people for meaningful work.


Re-Imagine what your organization can accomplish now that your people have been freed from the mundane and repetitive tasks of the digital assembly line and given more time to creatively impact your organization.


Re-Purpose your people’s day-to-day functions towards more creative and challenging activities so they can make real contributions to your organization.


Re-Energize your workforce culture with an enhanced sense of enthusiasm and excitement by leveraging cutting edge RPA technologies.

Our Differentiators

Experience and Focus

Alirrium understands RPA and specializes in deploying the technology at a large scale as its core deliverable.

Unique RPA Talent

Alirrium is grounded in academic and corporate knowledge of finance. We are a team of several senior developers with a background in finances and accounting who have also held senior-level finance positions before becoming RPA developers.

Operational Excellence

Alirrium is a gold partner of UiPath. Additionally, we are also a USN partner—a high-level certification that’s hard to obtain, and harder to maintain. The designation puts our team ‘on par’ with the Professional Services group at UiPath.

Partnership Credibility and Endorsements

Alirrium is the exclusive RPA partner of choice for Deltek. We are also strategic partners with Baker Tilly and Kyndrl—pioneers in their leading fields with billion-dollar annual revenues.

Customer Approach

Alirrium is a trusted advisor with strategic RPA practices, enabling our clients to become our long-term partners. We look at RPA as not a point deliverable, but a vision where we combine short-term needs with long-term goals to drive results.

Flexible Teaming Approach

Alirrium meets client requirements by providing customizable service packages, such as pure outsourcing, hybrid (upgrading/augmenting existing model), or maintenance.

Complete Automation Spectrum Expertise

Alirrium understands the above and beyond of RPA apart from delivering automation. We stay on the current product and retain talent that keeps us at our best.

At a glance

The History of RPA

A quick journey on the history of work, and how RPA is redefining the Future of Work. Watch now.

Partner with us

Why Alirrium?

Alirrium is an authorized partner of UiPath providing Robotic Process Automation to both the commercial and federal workplace.

Work smarter

Why RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an evolutionary technology that allows anyone to quickly build a "bot" to emulate mundane human tasks, freeing them to focus on more meaningful work.

Client Testimonials

RPA expedites internal business processes

"Alirrium's RPA solution, in place after only 3 weeks of development, testing and deployment, had an immediate positive effect on work we are doing at NAS Fallon. Our pilot's results clearly demonstrate the utility of RPA to expedite our internal business process and still meet our contract requirements."

Karl Bruening, Chugach, VP of Business Intelligence & Innovation

True professional partners

“With the pressures of the 'new normal,' increased efficiency has become critical.   The team at Alirrium is exceptional.  They are true professionals who are partners in the project not just consultants. Their expertise in both UiPath and Deltek technologies were evident in bringing BSK’s RPA projects into production.”

Kris Morton, Chief Information Officer

Increasing spend on RPA

Since we started using Alirrium and the UiPath software to implement RPA, the value and impact to our operations has been immediate. It has saved our organization a substantial amount of time. The team at Alirrium is knowledgeable, responsive and has worked as a partner to get RPA methodically into our organization.

Bowman Consulting

The evolution of business processes

RPA is another step in the evolution of business processes.  It is the next logical step to significantly reduce the requirement for employees to perform rules-based, high-volume  activities.  Instead, RPA enables employees to focus on more strategic tasks that help businesses – and the beauty of it all is that many organizations are just beginning to explore the use of RPA in different scenarios and situations.

Forrester Research

RPA offers ease of use

Users of Enterprise RPA consider ease of software and robot maintenance, security and scalability to be its most import features. Integrated cognitive and machine learning for processing unstructured data is also important, as is the availably of robot operations analytics.

Everest Group
The future is hyper automation

"By 2004, organizations will lower operational costs by 30% by combining hyper automation technologies with redesigned operational processes."

Gartner Predicts 2020: RPA Renaissance Driven by Morphing Offerings and Zeal for Operational Excellence
RPA will help you do more with less

"At Deltek, we focus on our customer's experience and strive to continue delivering as much value as possible. RPA will help our customers do more with the same or less resources and will raise employee satisfaction by giving the bots routine repeatable tasks so that employees can focus on more important work for their companies and their careers.  RPA is a great complement to Deltek'ssolutions and we are excited to Partner with Alirrium and UiPath to make it available to our customers."

Deltek, Warren Linscott, SVP of Product Strategy

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