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RPA has been cited as one of, if not, the fastest growing technologies in history. This has caused just about every firm to jump on the bandwagon and offer RPA as a service. The fact is, anyone can claim to implement RPA but very few firms actually know how to successfully deploy this technology at scale.

At Alirrium, our team approaches every day with one mission: help our clients maximize their business by supplementing the workforce with digital assistants—freeing the human workforce to focus on sophisticated challenges and leaving the mundane work to bots. We also focus this obsession on one RPA platform, UiPath, the clear market leader in this technology.  

Certified UiPath Gold Partner

Meet UiPath

As a certified UiPath Gold professional services firm, Alirrium has been endorsed by UiPath and is identified as a member of the top 1% of all their service providers.

Imagine what you could accomplish if your people were freed from the digital assembly line and given more time to focus on driving your business forward.  

Hyper-Automation Approach

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Discover automation opportunities powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and your people.


Build automation quickly, from the simple to the advanced.


Manage, deploy, and optimize automation at enterprise scale.


Run automations through robots that work with your applications and data.


Engage people and robots as one team for seamless process collaboration.


Measure operations and performance to align with business outcomes.