Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an evolutionary technology that allows anyone to quickly build a robot, commonly referred to as a “bot”, which emulates and integrates the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. The RPA system utilizes a low code graphical user interface to capture data, trigger responses and seamlessly communicate with multiple disparate systems to perform a variety of repetitive tasks. …..only substantially better!

An RPA software bot can work 24/7, performs tasks at lightning speed, eliminates human error and helps you focus on more value-add activities.

How RPA Works
Users are provided an application which enables them to build virtual robots (commonly referred to as a “Bots”) using a code-free recording tool or by simply dragging-and-dropping from a rich library of pre-built activities. These bots can be deployed on a laptop or placed in the cloud where they can manually (attended bot) or systematically (unattended bot) simulate your highly repetitive business processes.  

For organizations that have deployed several bots, a central orchestrator tool is provided which securely schedules, manages, and controls your enterprise-wide digital workforce from either a web browser or a mobile app. This tool provides real-time monitoring to keep you on track with globally deployed automations, allowing you to scale easily, reduce operational costs, and enable discrete departmental RPA initiatives.

Benefits of RPA
Improved Accuracy. Robotic Process Automation software robots are programmed to follow rules. They work 24/7 and eliminate human errors. They are compliant and consistent.
Improved Compliance.
Once instructed, RPA robots execute reliably, reducing risk. Everything they do is monitored. You have the full control to operate in accordance with existing regulations and standards.
Immediate Cost Savings. RPA can reduce processing costs by up to 80%. In less than 12 months, most enterprises already have a positive return on investment, and potential further accumulative cost reductions can reach 20% in time.
Increased Speed & Productivity. Employees are the first to appreciate the benefits of RPA as it removes non-value-add activities and relieves them from the rising pressure of work.
Extremely Scalable & Flexible. Across business units and geographies, RPA performs a massive amount of operations in parallel, from desktop to cloud environments. Additional robots can be deployed quickly with minimal costs, according to work flux and seasonality.

What's Different About RPA?
In contrast to traditional IT solutions, RPA allows organizations to automate at a fraction of the cost and time previously encountered. RPA is also non-intrusive and leverages the existing infrastructure without causing disruption to underlying systems, which would be difficult and costly to replace. With RPA, cost efficiency and compliance are no longer an operating cost but a byproduct of the automation.

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UiPath is our chosen RPA Software package to work with Alirrium and its customers to take Robotic Process Automation to the next level. UiPath offers a complete software solution to automate back-office, repetitive tasks in just about any organization from the SMB to the global enterprise. Their software robots perfectly emulate and execute repetitive processes, boosting business productivity, ensuring compliance and enhancing customer experience across back-office and front-office operations. With more than 2,750 customers worldwide using their RPA platform and their commitment to the channel,  Alirrium has chosen to partner up with the fastest-growing enterprise software company in history. Together we can help you Re-Imagine, Re-Purpose and Re-Energize your organization too!

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