Public Sector

Anything that can be automated, will be.

RPA has the power to innovate government's processes and galvanize its people in unprecedented ways. For these reasons, it's positioned to play a valuable role in fueling Digital Transformation in the public sector.

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Why Alirrium?

Pure RPA Solutions Provider

UiPath Professional Services Provider

Veteran Owned Small Business

Flexible engagement & teaming models

US cleared resources

UiPath Gold Resell Partner

Joint Venture 8(a)

Flexible rate structures

Creating a more effective legal department

RPA in the Public Sector

Government Administration
  • Security, compliance, and governance
  • Tax & finance
  • Data validation
  • Licensing & permitting
  • Budget planning
  • Government service center
Health & Human Services
  • Eligibility systems
  • Social welface systems
  • National health systems
  • Workforce development
  • Adult care & home care support
  • Student registration
  • Asset management
  • Vendor management
  • Research grants administration
  • Alumni management
  • Financial aid management
Public Safety
  • Intelligent policing
  • Video surveillance
  • Records digitization
  • Integrated border management
  • Judiciary systems
  • Logistics & scheduling
  • Tolling
  • Parking systems
Engery, Water & Waste
  • Performance management
  • Meter reading/billing
  • Field inspection systems
Legal Reporting, Analytics and Predictions
  • Building & bridge inspections
  • Building automation
  • Maintenance systems

Alirrium and Diamond Capture

Alirrium formed a GSA Joint Venture 8(a) to deliver RPA services to federal, state, and local entities. This venture now allows for sole source awards and can compete for Government 8(a) set aside contracts.

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