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Redefining Banking through Intelligent Automation

Experience the liberation from high-volume routine tasks, witness unparalleled efficiency, and drive precision in every financial process. Alirrium empowers your workforce, boosts productivity, and ensures adaptability in a fast-evolving digital landscape.

Stay ahead with a fully automated enterprise that not only meets but exceeds the unique demands of the financial sector. Seamlessly integrated with the UiPath Platform, Alirrium helps you transform your operations, stay competitive, and bring a paradigm shift to your financial institution.

Alirrium helps step up your operations with RPA and AI.

Financial Services Landscape is at a Tipping Point

Alirrium Provides
360 Automation Coverage

ACH Payments Processing

Swiftly handles ACH payment requests, extracting crucial data and seamlessly submitting requests into your Credit Union's system.

High-Risk Account Marking

Ensures regulatory compliance by marking accounts as 'High Risk' and setting review dates after reading Suspicious Activity Reports.

PartnerCare Profile Cleanup

Efficiently manages the cleanup of inactive accounts and PartnerCare profiles, streamlining operations.

Inactive Debit Cards Management

Simplifies the inactivation of debit cards, minimizing manual effort with seamless data extraction.

ACH Death Alert Response

Swiftly responds to death alerts by adding warning flags, restricting access, and closing cards using advanced automation.

Dark Web Security Shield

Proactively cancels compromised credit cards found on the Dark Web, issuing new ones across multiple systems.

Banking and Capital Markets

RPA in action

RPA can help banks and other financial institutions reimagine financial spreading using Robotic Process Automation for auto extraction and enrichment of the loan application process.

Industries and Applications


  • Origination
  • Loan Processing
  • Underwriting
  • Funding
  • Administration and monitoring
  • Default management

Customer Experience

  • Account maintenance
  • Data extraction
  • Customer support
  • Onboarding and account set-up
  • Fees and chargebacks
  • Account closure
  • Cash withdrawal/deposit

Cards and Payments

  • Prospecting and application
  • Processing and approvals
  • Payments and settlement
  • Collections and servicing
  • Dispute and fraud management
  • Network management

Risk and Compliance

  • Transaction monitoring
  • Screening and alerts management
  • Risk monitoring
  • Reporting internal/external
  • Client due diligence

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