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There is a plethora of free or inexpensive virtual training available for the UiPath platform.  We are happy to provide our clients with our recommended course curriculum to help kickstart your RPA journey. When virtual training just isn’t enough, we have partnerships with leading training providers to provide flexible in-person and virtual live training to help your RPA team achieve mastery in the UiPath platform.


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Alirrium & Morpheus

Live & Virtual Training

Our Virtual Academies use Zoom Video and live breakout rooms to deliver a highly interactive learning experience. You will get hands on with your RPA software right away, with lots of instructor led practical training.

Citizen Developer

Citizen Developer Class tailored for users of desktop MS office tools.
This class provides a comprehensive introduction to building basic attended desktop automations in StudioX (UiPath's entry level "no-code" product.

Day 1 Training
  • Tasks & Processes – How to spot good automation candidates
  • Using resources – Excel, Web
  • Documenting – Human v Robot Path
  • Best Practices
  • Prototyping
  • Exercises to bed-in learning
Day 2  Training
  • Common Actions – If, Message Box, Repeat
  • Resources continued
  • Automating Outlook – For each email, Move email
  • Automating Word – Read, replace text, Insert Data Table, Export PDF
  • Handling files – For each file in folder
  • Exercises to bed-in learning
Day 3  Training
  • Build your own Bot
  • AM – Trainees put into practice what they have learnt and build your own bots!
  • PM – Trainees showcase automations to class for peer & trainer review and graduate
Foundational Developer

For tech savvy business and IT users with no prior RPA experience.
This class will enable your power users to build robust UiPath bots for their departments. UiPath Foundation certification awarded on completion.

Day 1 Training
  • Introductions, RPA Overview, Build your first bot
  • Variables, Control Flow, Loops, Collections
Day 2 Training
  • Excel & Data Tables, User Interface Level
  • Selectors, how they work and making them reliable
Day 3 Training
  • Projects, Sequences, Flowcharts & State machines
  • Components, Version control, Exceptions, Debugging
Day 4  Training
  • Automation with PDFs, Email Automations
  • Orchestrator Overview, REFramework Overview
  • Group bot build & Final Test
Advanced Developer

For the more expierienced UiPath user who has completed our Power Developer course (or UiPath's online Foundation Training).
This class will teach you how to develop enterprise grade automations. Advanced Diploma awarded to graduates.

Day 1 Training
  • Introductions and recap on UiPath foundation training
  • Students build their first simple end-to-end UiPath robot and learn about variables, strings, and recorders
Day 2 Training
  • Focus in on the application of ‘best practice’ development standards with students working in groups to build enterprise grade Robots
  • Students begin working on UiPath’s 3 Layer build approach
Day 3 Training
  • Students continue to work together to stitch together components and learn to test and build robust UiPath automations
Day 4 Training
  • Students finish their fully functional enterprise ready robots using UiPath’s powerful Robotic Enterprise (RE) Framework and are introduced to Orchestrator
Day 5 Training
  • Students learn how to launch and run UiPath Robots in Orchestrator with their course culminating in a fun ‘RPA Challenge’, where they work together to build a complex robot. UiPath exam with Advanced Diploma awarded
Live and Virtual Training

Training Video Examples

UiPath StudioX HR Data Migration

Build an RPA bot together using UiPath's new StudioX automation development software. StudioX is for business users, and you won't need a single software developer skill to build this automation with us!

UiPath StudioX Excel Data to Web App

UiPath StudioX is powerful enough to tackle the RPA Challenge without using any software development skills. We'll take you step-by-step through the automation build and show you how to take data from an Excel workbook and send it to a web application.

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The Alirrium consulting team is comprised of highly specialized RPA professionals.

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Our training and change management expertise will help you build and scale automations at any business.

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Our RPA managed services portfolio provides automatic monitoring.