Process Mining

Scientifically scale and accelerate RPA

37% of decision-makers report delays to their digital transformation initiatives due to misunderstood processes.  (Forester)

What is Process Mining?

Process Mining connects directly to your data sources and turns raw data into intuitive process graphs and dashboards that help you discover, automate and monitor your processes, continuously.  

  • Produce a detailed “X-ray" of your end-to-end processes by pulling log data from your enterprise systems.

  • Let the system help you identify root-cause issues and opportunities to transform business operations.

  • Fact-based recommendations and visualizations help you zero in on high-ROI, high-impact workflows.​

  • Use smart tags and KPIs to identify automation opportunities with the biggest impact. Then measure performance after you automate.

  • Continuously iterate and monitor to know what’s working, what’s not, and keep optimizing your processes.

How does it work?