Human Resources

Anything that can be automated, will be.

RPA and HR

RPA is dramatically automating labor-intensive processes and transforming HR back to finding, developing, and nurturing talent.

Talent acquisition professionals

Spend less time sourcing and assessing candidates and more time meeting qualified candidates and attending talent scouting events.

Benefits professionals

Focus more on well-being initiatives rather than health and wellness program administration.

Employee relations professionals

Focus on developing programs that prevent issues from happening rather than investigating cases after incidents have occurred.

HR business partners

Participate in business-unit unique initiatives you never would have had the luxury to attend before.

Learning and development professionals

Focus on re-skilling the current and future workforces for the digitally-transformed enterprise.

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Employee onboarding

RPA in action

Watch how our bot processes three new hire onboarding documents (an employee information form, an IRS Form W-4, and a state withholding tax form) into their internal CRM tool. The speed, accuracy, and time saved is tremendous.

Endless applications and use cases

What HR can do for your HR department

Hire to Manage
  • Create HR strategy and processes
  • Recruit and onboard employees
  • Manage references
  • Manage and maintain employee data
  • Manage organization management data
Manage to Engage
  • Train and develop employees
  • Manage employee performances
  • Compensate and reward employees
  • Manage employee movements
  • Mange life-time events and special requests
Engage to Retire
  • Manage reporting
  • Manage HR helpdesk
  • Manage payroll
  • Manage offboarding
  • Offboard employees

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