Streamlining AP Invoice Processing at UIC Government Services Utilizing the UiPath Automation Platform

Streamlining AP Invoice Processing at UIC Government Services Utilizing the UiPath Automation Platform

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UIC Government Services (UICGS), a prominent player in the GovCon sector, has always been recognized for its commitment to operational efficiency. However, the rapidly evolving business landscape and increasing invoice volumes presented challenges that demanded innovative solutions. With over 2,000+ invoices flooding in monthly, the administrative strain was palpable. Enter Alirrium and UiPath RPA, bringing forth a transformative solution tailored to the company’s unique challenges.

The Challenge: Navigating the Complexities of AP

Managing a vast volume of invoices is no small feat, especially when these invoices come in varied formats. UICGS’ AP department was inundated monthly with a mix of PO Vouchers, AP Invoices, and Subcontractor Invoices. Over 30% of these invoices used unique vendor templates, adding layers of complexity to an already intricate process.

Moreover, UICGS had a specific and crucial requirement: the need for itemized line items for every invoice. This granularity was essential for their operations, ensuring that every financial detail was captured accurately. Integrating this vast and varied data into Costpoint presented another layer of challenge.

The Solution: A Tailored Approach with UiPath RPA

Alirrium, with its expertise in RPA and as a certified partner of UiPath, crafted a comprehensive and customized solution. The strategy involved deploying UiPath software equipped with unattended automation, cloud orchestration, and Document Understanding. This potent combination ensured that every piece of information was accurately extracted from the diverse invoices, no matter how minute.

The solution wasn't just about data extraction but seamless integration. Given the multifaceted nature of UICGS' operations, the RPA solution had to bridge the gap between documents received in email (via Outlook) and desktop applications like Excel and Adobe. Alirrium's approach ensured data flowed smoothly across these platforms, eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring consistency.

Results & Benefits: Beyond Numbers

The tangible benefits of the RPA solution were immediately evident. UICGS projected a staggering time-saving of 404 hours per month, translating to significant cost savings. But the transformation went beyond numbers. The error rate in AP processes, once a concern, was expected to plummet to zero.

The success of this RPA initiative served as a catalyst for broader organizational change. UICGS began identifying automation opportunities beyond finance, extending into realms like IT and HR. This holistic approach to automation, driven by the initial success in the AP department, set the stage for a company-wide digital transformation.


The collaboration between UICGS, Alirrium, and UiPath is a testament to the transformative power of RPA. By addressing the AP department's multifaceted challenges, UICGS has optimized its operations and paved the way for broader organizational efficiencies. This case study serves as a beacon for other organizations, highlighting the potential of RPA when implemented with expertise and precision.

About UIC

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